"Rocket Science" 
The Cold War rocket ship playgrounds in a post Cold War United States 

While observing the collapse of crucial systems within the scientific and environmental landscapes over the course of 4 presidential administrations, I have continually traveled throughout the post Cold War terrain of the United States making an anthropological documentation with an 8 x 10" view camera and film using the framework of the remaining Cold War era rocket ship playground structures.
Standing as artifacts of escapism bound to a collective utopian ideology, the structural vestiges spanning the American technological and recreational sublime, were originally installed on both public and private property in rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities throughout the 50 states during the 20th century space race.  
The slow methodical ritual of working towards creating this photographic typology was born out of a desire to visually assess the ongoing status of the social, political, and basic infrastructure within the United States. What has emerged over the last two decades of making the work is a question regarding what a nation will provide its future population and the world as a whole, when positioned with our contemporary modes of existence on this planet.